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Client feedback for Sound Image

Monday, June 8, 2015

Tom and Laroushka's Wedding at Cavalli Wine and Stud Farm

Good morning Gary,

I meant to do this much sooner, but I wanted to take a moment and write to say thanks to you and everyone so very much for what was a musically extraordinary evening. 

You guys were absolutely everything I/we had hoped for. The sound was outstanding, and the addition of extra horns I thought was sublime and between your multiple vocalists, there was just so much talent onstage. 

And thanks again for the chance to join you all for a song (though I truly wish I'd had a chance to rehearse that one first :) 

Anyhow, in the end we really wished we'd foregone the DJ and just stuck with you all as long as you'd been willing to play, because the dancing to a live band was absolutely fantastic.  

All the best Gary, thanks again for a great evening! 


A kind note of appreciation from the groom who demonstrated his impressive vocal skills when he kindly joined the band for our final song - in short, a memorable and enjoyable evening!

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