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Client feedback for Sound Image

Client feedback for Sound Image

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

World Down Syndrom Conference 2012 Gala Dinner - CTICC Cape Town - 17th August 2012

Sound Image was invited to perform for the eleventh World Down Syndrom Conference 2012 Gala Dinner which was held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on Friday.

The evening was a resounding success and certainly one of the most moving functions for us - many of the children and young adults joined our band on stage and danced for the duration of the entire evening! The generous amount of "high fives' and "thumbs ups" received after our performance was touching to say the least!

Client Feedback :

The evening was fantastic!

The band was really great, they picked up the vibe from the Down syndrome children and young adults and gave them such a fabulous time.

I’ve never experienced or seen a crowd (and a band) enjoy themselves as much as these people did.

Everyone was commenting on this being the best ever world congress and gala dinner – setting new standards for the next one in India in 2016.

Kind regards

Peter Aspinall

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